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Areas of expertise

Product & Project Management

Many factors can affect the success or failure of a product. We need to know if we are on the path to solving customer problems or not. We need to embrace potential risks in our organization (mission, strategy, goals, resources, people), customer problems (past, current, and future), continuous discovery & delivery process, market,  competitive environment, stakeholders, techniques & tools, and better and less accurate analytics.

Appropriate organization of product development, taking into account the above issues, is crucial if we want to increase the probability of success.

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Marketing strategy

Properly designed marketing strategy and communication plan in selected channels are, in my opinion, the key to success. Every day we are exposed to a growing number of incentives that are looking for our attention and time. Every brand should know why it promotes a given service/product, what value it brings, where are the contact points and who the recipient is. I can support you in preparing your marketing strategy or optimizing it.

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Marketing (…) Automation & Programmatic & Display

Many current marketing activities can be automated and planned forwards. This applies to unconventional newsletters to various groups of recipients, scheduling campaigns in paid media (Google or Facebook Ads), and/or using the potential of chatbots. I can help you implement tools in the field of marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM.

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We can talk by phone, email, or using video conference applications. Let’s stay in touch!

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