The author discusses the top strategic technology trends predicted for 2023 that can help organizations navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic world and become more resilient.

These trends include:

• Adaptive AI: decision-making frameworks that can self-adapt during production or after deployment

• Superapps: all-in-one solutions to mobile application design that combine messaging, e-commerce, cab services, social networking, and more

• RPA: Robotic Process Automation that automates business processes such as data handling and processing transactions

• Sustainable technologies: technologies that use AI, advanced analytics, and shared cloud services to drive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes

• Industry cloud platforms: cloud services designed for specific industries that combine traditional cloud services with industry-specific functionalities and designs

• Digital immune systems: an approach to software development that results in more reliable and scalable software applications and less downtime

• Applied observability: a tool to understand enterprise data systems completely and apply intelligence to key metrics for competitive advantage

• AI TRiSM: AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management that involves incorporating bias checks, guided checklists, automated report builders, and catching errors before they become deeply embedded in the model’s behavior.

These technologies can help businesses secure their financial position during economic upheavals and business disruptions, making them more resilient and profitable in the decades to come.

Read more at Strategic Technology Trends for 2023 | by Nate Michelle | Mar, 2023 | Medium

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