OpenAI’s text-generating AI system, ChatGPT, has seen a series of updates since its launch in November 2022, including integration with third-party knowledge sources, the release of the GPT-4 image- and text-understanding AI model, and a monetization plan. Companies such as Microsoft, Snapchat, and Quizlet have implemented ChatGPT, which has been used to generate ads and marketing copy. However, there have been controversies surrounding AI, including allegations that it promotes plagiarism and misinformation.

ChatGPT is a general-purpose chatbot that uses AI to generate text after a user enters a prompt. While there is a free version, a paid version called ChatGPT Plus offers additional features. ChatGPT can write essays, program code, and answer user questions. However, it has been banned by some schools and colleges for promoting plagiarism and misinformation, and there have been concerns about its tendency to regurgitate content from its training data.

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