My name is Walery Stasiak. I’m a Product Person who empowers businesses by solving customer problems and delivering outstanding customer experience.

I bring over +10 years of experience in marketing, more than +8 years in digital technology (B2B), and over +6 years in project and product management (SaaS, B2B). My professional background includes working in startups, media companies, product-focused organizations, and large tech companies.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. It means a lot!

Walery Stasiak

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Booking a mentoring session is simple. Just pick a date and time that suit you, and I’ll be available to meet with you over a video call.

In our session, we can talk about any issues or challenges you’re dealing with (product management, project management, marketing, personal development, time management). I’ll offer advice, support, and feedback to help you work through them.

These mentoring sessions are facilitated by The Mentoring Club.