What’s my story?

My name is Walery Stasiak. I’m a Product Person who empowers businesses by solving customer problems and delivering outstanding customer experience.

I bring over +10 years of experience in marketing, more than +8 years in digital technology (B2B), and over +6 years in project and product management (SaaS, B2B). My professional background includes working in startups, media companies, product-focused organizations, and large tech companies.

Walery Stasiak

I have experience working on a data monetization platform leveraging Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI technologies, as well as on a communication interface utilizing NLP and RPA, and a marketing automation system. I have a particular interest in blending product management with customer experience and data science.

Furthermore, I’m open-minded, self-motivated, and passionate, always eager to learn and achieve more, and I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge with others. I possess a strong drive for self-improvement and learning, enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities and passionate about my work.

In my occasional role as a graphic designer, I’m proficient in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, and I enjoy photography. Optimist.

I actively support the concept of mentoring and currently serve as a mentor in a mentoring program at the University of Warsaw and in the organization The Mentoring Club gUG.

Please note that the opinions or views expressed here are solely my own and do not represent those of any company with which I am, or have been, associated.

Professional portfolio

Product Manager at Mastercard (Loyalty Solutions, Europe).

Mastercard Rewards Solutions help you build long-term brand affinity by delivering engaging, digital rewards programs, underpinned by our globally scalable platforms and loyalty expertise. Our capabilities enable organizations to quickly design and implement strategic rewards programs and establish profitable, long-term relationships with customers.


Mentor in the Mentoring UW program organized by the University of Warsaw Alumni Association, Incubator of the University of Warsaw, University of Warsaw. Responsible for areas related to startups, growth hacking, pitching, and investing.

Mentor in The Mentoring Club and Fundacja Tworzymy (Poland).


Former Product Manager at TUATARA – capital group based in Poland, dedicated to building innovative business solutions, research, and development of inventive products, providing implementation integration services. Worked with amazing, empowered teams on TASIL, RETIXA (data monetization solutions), and ACTIONBOT (AI Digital Assistant).

Former Research & Development Manager at SAMITO. The company offered intelligent solutions in marketing automation, image recognition, visual search, and customer experience. I was responsible for product development (new functionalities), customer service, and foreign expansion.

I also supported the [m]spark accelerator’s development and growth within GroupM and the plista advertising network (native advertising) on the Polish market.

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Certificates & courses


I studied geography at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Warsaw, Poland. My primary areas of interest lie in population and migration dynamics, as well as the social and economic development of developing countries. I’m also deeply interested in higher education policy, quality assurance, and learning techniques.

In my free time…

I’m currently exploring various topics in personal development, engaging in gardening, and enjoying mystery and detective books. Additionally, I have a keen interest in graphic design and photography.

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