About me

Geographer & Product Manager in the world of digital products, big data, analytics, marketing, e-commerce and new technologies.

I focus my activities around product development, project management, the potential of analytics, marketing strategy, social media.  Maxim which is close to me –  “stay hungry, stay foolish” and “share it”. Always be eager to learn, to achieve more, and feel free to share it with others.

And as a professional geographer, I love to travel to distant and closer places. Trying to look at the world from different perspectives.


Product Manager at TUATARA. A capital group based in Poland, dedicated to building innovative business solutions, research and development of inventive products, providing implementation integration services.

Working with an amazing team on TASIL and RETIXA.


I help build brands & develop IT and online products. I also design, plan and implement marketing strategies and marketing campaigns.

I have my own brand Wallstrand, which I hope to develop in the future.

Former Research & Development Manager at SAMITO. Start-up offers intelligent solutions in marketing automation, image recognition, visual search and customer experience. I was responsible for product development including new functionalities, customer service and foreign expansion. If you are interested in marketing automation please check SAMITO.

I also supported the [m]spark accelerator’s development and growth within GroupM and the plista advertising network (native advertising) on the Polish market. Plista introduced the Self Service version in 2019 where you can order a campaign in a few simple steps – more info here.

I studied geography at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Warsaw, Poland. My main areas of interest are population & migration dynamics and social & economic development of developing countries. I’m also highly interested in the topic of higher education policy, quality of assurance and learning techniques.

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